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Bulk Product Deals

Surplus and discounted products is our specialty. We only purchase from reputable manufacturers and distributors so when you get a deal from us, there is no question on authenticity and quality service. Come check out our awesome storefront location! Or contact us for details.

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Distribution & Shipping

Need us to store your products for you? Need us to pack and ship at a really low cost? Sell them in our storefront location? Amazon FBA Prep? Full scale third party logistics? We can do that too.

Delivery Service
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Bulk Product Deals

We source products directly from manufacturers of some of the largest brands in North America. To get access to our products or inquire about them, you can visit our storefront in Brantford, Ontario Canada, or contact us at this bottom of this page.

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Third Party Logistics

SupremeCommerce 3PL (third-party logistics) service covers logistics for your business.

From packaging, adding labels, repackaging, shipping and Amazon FBA - we got you covered.

Normal 3PL services charge widely varying pick, pack and labelling fees + $30+ hourly labor charges. If you send in 500 units and it takes 4 hours, that would normally cost you $120 + any additional fees for a single inbound shipment. You can see how these fees can add up, if you are doing multiple shipments per week.

We believe in a small monthly account fee, small processing fee (3.5% per transaction) and keeping total per unit fees around $2. EVERYTHING else is included with our service at no additional costs including any repackaging, polybagging, labelling and labor. 

Currently only servicing Canada*


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Contact Us

Want to inquire about some of the products and services we offer? Contact us now.

Thanks for reaching out. We’ll get back to you soon.

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